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Foundation Piering

Concrete Raising Corporation (CRC) provides foundation piering services at a variety of CRC locations - consult your local CRC Concrete Raising location for service availability.

foundation piering

Foundation Piering: Foundation piers can be used for new or existing construction, and are designed to stabilize (helical) and in some instances, raise (hydraulically-driven) settled structures. For existing structures, piering consists of excavating the area adjacent to the foundation/footing where the piers are to be placed (as determined by an engineer). The weight of the structure will rest on the piers, driven to the depth of a load-bearing strata that will functionally hold the structure. Piers are spaced in accordance with standards, and are covered when the job is complete - returning the appeal of your structure to the way it was intended to look.

CRC has established relationships with geotechnical and structural engineers in an effort to provide hydraulically-driven and helical piering systems for structural stabilization and/or lifting.