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Concrete Raising/Cement Grouting Franchise Opportunity
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Often, with new or existing construction, the subsoil (subgrade) will compact or erode, resulting in settled concrete. CRC Concrete Raising has received an increased number of calls, inquiries, and referrals due to our ability to raise settled concrete that is otherwise structurally sound.

As a preventive measure in unstable soils, CRC Concrete Raising has provided various grouting techniques, occasionally in conjunction with piering services, to compact and/or solidify loose soils.

As a corrective measure, the process of concrete raising functionally restores settled or sunken concrete back to its original grade. Additionally, CRC Concrete Raising, through on-the-job experience and knowledge, is often able to facilitate excess water removal by way of providing proper pitch to concrete areas (subject to original pour and adjacent land grade).

Please refer to the CRC Concrete Raising pages for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal (including State DOT) applications for raising and stabilizing concrete.